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Traffic Impact Study

Areas of Expertise:

– Introduction
– Data Collection:
– Auto Count
– Manual Count
– Data Collection Analysis
– Existing Traffic Operating Conditions
– The Traffic Demand Of The Project
– Analyses Of Future Traffic Conditions And Assessment  Of  different Alternatives
– Traffic Circulation And Parking
– Results And Recommendations

Project: Abhor Aljanobiah
Client: Public Pension Agency
Consultant : KEO, Saud Consult, SAK

Cable supported bridges

Areas of Expertise:
– Transportation economics and planning.
– Feasibility and corridor studies.
– Environmental studies.
– Highway design.
– Bridge design.
– Traffic management planning.
– Pavement analysis.
– Drainage plans.
– Utility relocation.
– Streetscape design.
– Parking studies.
– Design-build.

Project: Conceptual design for Abhor bridge
Client: Jeddah Municipality
Consultant : Buro Happold and Figg Group

Highways and Bridges

Areas of Expertise:
– Transportation economics and planning.
– Feasibility and corridor studies.
– Environmental studies.
– Highway design.
– Bridge design.
– Traffic management planning.
– Pavement analysis.
– Drainage plans.
– Utility relocation.
– Streetscape design.
– Parking studies.
– Design-build.

Project: Detailed design for bridges and tunnels
Client: Jeddah Municipality
Consultant : ZFP, Saud Consult, Khateeb & Alami, Moharam Bakhom, GEH, and Others

Transport surveys and parking schemes

Areas of Expertise:
– Parking demand estimation and design strategy
– Peak demand estimation for arrivals, departure and circulation
– concept design of the site entry and exit and site circulation
– Parking strategy and conceptual parking layout for site
– Strategy to address different types of users

Project: Balad parking
Client: Jeddah Municipality
Consultant : Al-Musbah Co. and Fore Vision

Transportation planning

Areas of Expertise:
– strategic policy advice
– business case development and analysis
– performance management and appraisal
– demand forecasting
– modeling
– behavioral analysis
– accessibility
– transport for land development
– streetscapes
– traffic engineering design

Project: Transportation master plan
Client: Jeddah Municipality
Consultant : ZFP, Dornier, Wilbur Smith and Atkins

Corridor design

Areas of Expertise:
– Carryout site investigations and surveys.
– Prepare preliminary designs drawings.
– Establish project preliminary cost estimates.
– Prepare project implementation schedule.
– Prepare detailed design drawings, BOQ, detailed specs including data sheets.
– Establish project final cost estimates and develop final project implementation schedule.
– Liaise with relevant local authorities and act on behalf of MOT and Jeddah Municipality in all required aspects including issue of formal letters, obtaining approvals and so forth.

Project: second Ring road detailed design
Client: Ministry of transport
Consultant : DarGoup

Geometric design policy

Areas of Expertise:

Standards development for:

– Highway Functions.
– Design Controls and Criteria.
– Elements of Design.
– Cross Section Elements.
– Local Roads and Streets.
– Collector Roads and Streets.
– Rural and Urban Arterials.
– Freeways.
– Intersections.
– Grade Separations and Interchanges.

Project: transport engineering manual
Client: Jeddah Municipality
Consultant : Saud Consult

Speed Humps Policies, Guidelines, And Procedures

Areas of Expertise

– Minimum criteria
– Construction standards
– Neighborhood – funded installation
– Procedures
– Application
– Submission of petition
– Verification and processing of petition
– Funding and priority ranking
– Removal of speed humps

Project: Speed Humps Policies
Client: Jeddah Municipality

ITS Initiatives

Areas of Expertise
– Traffic Control Center.
– CCTV Surveillance (at Intersections).
– Red Light Traffic Cameras.
– Speed Detectors.

Project: ITS master plan in Saudi Arabia
Client: Ministry of transport
Consultant : TEC and K&A

Transit and Rail

Areas of Expertise:
– Planning
– Project management
– Environmental analysis
– Financial planning
– Stations and facilities
– Track design
– Signal and communication design
– Facility and asset management
– Tunneling and civil structures

Project: Public transport Master Plan
Client: Ministry of Transport
Consultant: IBI

Multi Modal terminal

Areas of Expertise:
– Preliminary studies and location selection
– Data Collection and Analysis Phase
– Feasibility Study Phase
– Design Phase

Project: MMRL Harameen terminal
Client: Ministry of transport
Consultant : DarGroup, ADPI, and BH

MMRL & Land bridge

Areas of Expertise:
– Design Criteria
– Data Sources
– Corridors Studied
– Review of the Various Corridors/Alternatives
– City Crossings and Stations Locations
– Preferred Alignment Layout and Profile

Project: Makkah Madina Rail link
Client: Saudi rail organization
Consultant : Dargpoup and SNFC


Areas of Expertise:
– Traffic calming.
– Safe pedestrian and bicycle travel, and aesthetic improvements to the corridor that reflect the City’s character and maximizes views of the waterfront.

Project: Tahliya and palastine streetscaping
Client: Jeddah Municipality
Consultant : gillespies

Ports, Harbors, and Marine

Areas of Expertise:
– Planning.
– Coastal engineering.
– Economic feasibility.
– Port and harbor engineering.
– Container terminals.
– Cruise ship facilities.
– Intermodal systems design.
– Civil and site design.
– Environmental assessments.
– Dredging and reclamation.
– Site remediation.
– Offshore structures.

Project: Traffic impact study for port expansion
Client: Jeddah Islamic port
Main Consultant : Vialis


Areas of Expertise:
– Master plans
– Airport layout and terminal design
– Air cargo facilities
– General aviation facilities
– Aviation systems planning
– Runways and taxiways
– Pavement management and rehabilitation
– Storm water drainage and management
– Environmental assessments
– Aircraft noise impact analyses
– Air traffic control facilities
– Security and special systems integration

Project: Traffic impact study for Jeddah airport
Client: General Authority of Civil Aviation
Consultant : Adpi, ZFP, and dar group

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